This is a workshop devoted to different aspects of Teleparallel theories of gravity, including theoretical developments as well as applications in different scenarios (cosmology, dark energy, early universe, compact objects, black holes…). The aim of the workshop will be to have a few informal talks leading to active and fruitful discussions. There is no registration fees, but the number of participants will be limited.

The talks will take place at IUFFyM ((Edificio de la Merced, the building where it says Facultad de Matemáticas), located at the Plaza de la Merced, very near the Salamanca cathedral and the historic building of the university.

The organisation of this workshop is financially supported by the project Atracción de Talento Científico, Ayuntamiento de Salamanca and the  Institute of Fundamental Physics and Mathematics IUFFyM. It will be hosted by IUFFyM and the Departament of Fundamental Physics of the University of Salmanca on its 800th aniversary (1218 – 2018).

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Some selected contributions will be published in a special issue of Universe.